Buyer Locator

Get relevant marketed research for the ZIP code of your listing so that you can identify target segments that are most likely to purchase the listed property.

What does it do?

Helps you narrow down what type of buyer to look for
Lets you identify where buyers are likely coming from
Provides all the necessary insight allowing you to intelligently target your marketing and outreach efforts
Export reports, profile matches and heat maps for use in presentations

When should I use it?

Pre-listing - by using the buyer locator market report, you can wow your prospects with data supporting not only who is likely to buy their home, but where they are coming from. Also, identify traits buyers may have so you may target your marketing and communication efforts.
Once listed - buyer locator will help focus your marketing message, channels, and budget to the right perspective buyers.

What do I get?

Location Profile - information about the neighborhood, homes and people who live there
Buyer Matches - insights for the top 10 buyer match ZIP Codes, that are demographically, socially, and financially, similar to the addresses your listing is located within. View in a list or an interactive map.
Heat Maps - broken down into reports for Average Household Income, Home Occupied by Owner or by Renters, Homes That Changed Hands, and Change in Total Population. You can review the high level snapshot or dig into each interactive map.
This information will allow you to focus your marketing efforts on buyer profile specifics such as geographic, social, financial, online activity, and many others.
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